Maharishi Ved Vyas Ji wrote Mahabharata thousands of years ago. But its lessons from Mahabharata are still guiding us in various situations of human life. We have all grown up listening to tales of the Mahabharata but we sometimes forget its lessons and mess up. Here are life lessons from the epic Mahabharata we should always remember

 Life lessons from Mahabharata

Vengeance can only lead to one’s doom

Vengeance can only lead to one's doom


Mahabharata revolves around the battle of duty. however, we cannot deny the fact that the reason behind all this destruction was vengeance. the Kauravas destroyed everything they have because of their hate for Pandavas. the vengeance not even spared the children, Pandavas lost their children because of war

Stand for what is right and follow your Dharma (duty)


stand for right thing, folow dharma

At the beginning of the war, Arjuna was hesitant to fight with his relatives. but Shri Krishna reminded him that we should stand for the dharma(duty) even if it means fighting with our own family. therefore arjuna followed dharma and fought his own family for the dharma. we should always stand for the right thing even we have to fight for it with everyone. 

The Bond of True friendship


true friend shri krishna


The bond of friendship between Shri Krishna and arjuna is an example for all of us. it is because of the unconditional love and motivation of lord Krishna that help Pandavas in the Mahabharata. the bond between Duryodhana and Karna is also an example of true friendship. as we all know how Karna gave up his life in war for his friend Duryodhana.

Don’t be tempted by greed


Don't be tempted by greed


While playing chausar, Yudhistar won the initial games and because of his greed to win more, he gambled away everything he had and lost it. Even he gambled away his wife Draupadi because of his greed to get everything back. so we can say that excessive greed can destroy everything you have.


Nothing is more dangerous than half-knowledge


Nothing is more dangerous than half-knowledge


The condition of Abhimanyu in chakravyuh teaches us how dangerous half-knowledge Is. Abhimanyu knows how to enter the chakravyuh. But doesn’t know how to escape from the chakravyuh that became the key reason for the death of Abhimanyu.

We can’t give up on life despite all odds


Don't Give Up on Life


Here we can take the example of Karna how he faced discrimination throughout his life for being a Suta-Putra. However, he never gave up on his life and fought to achieve his goal. Life of Karna teaches us that we should not give up on our lives despite all the odds in life.

Always Respect women


Always respect women


we should always respect women. as women are the foundations of society. As we see in Mahabharata the disrespect of women destroyed Kauravas. So we should always respect women. there is a common saying in Hindu culture that god resides only where women are respected.


Why is Women’s day celebrated?





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